When You’re Having A Bad Day

Someone’s day is always shittier than yours, literally.


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#lol When You Post Pics Of Your Kids

When You Post Pics Of Your Kids

#lol Why Buy The Cow

Why Buy The Cow

#lol Tried Blowing Glass

Tried Blowing Glass

#lol I Need Some Space

I Need Some Space

#food Last Slice Of Pizza

Last Slice Of Pizza

#fail My Whore Family

My Whore Family

#animals Game Over

Game Over

#fail 5-Hour Energy FAIL

5-Hour Energy FAIL

#dumb Free Cuddles

Free Cuddles

#lol Who Makes The Sandwiches

Who Makes The Sandwiches

#food I Don’t Like Pizza

I Don’t Like Pizza

#drunks Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles

#lol Just Remeber Someone Cares

Just Remeber Someone Cares

#fail Same Shit Different Day

Same Shit Different Day

#lol Rihanna’s Best Tweet Ever

Rihanna’s Best Tweet Ever

#food That Will Cost Extra

That Will Cost Extra

#lol Time To Put A Ring On It

Time To Put A Ring On It

#lol Just Hanging Out

Just Hanging Out